Albox; Young, Dynamic and Experienced.

Albox which in the furniture industry since 1976 and creations with Turkey and the world, hundreds of residents and families in the heart of the brand's standing as a 3rd generation tells the story.

Albox Limited, currently in the third generation, continues its activities as a successful family business. We proudly announce our efforts to build a more innovative and powerful brand to our fourth generation.
Since our company was founded by Osman Sağlam in 1976, it is aware of the necessity of providing high quality products with the highest level of design to the domestic and international markets. The basis of this content lies in the continuation of the product, material and production process open to innovations.

The Albox brand was born at a time when economic transformation changed people's lifestyles and furniture was about comfort, prosperity and pleasure (2006). Our company offers you the most special and high quality products from every corner of the world. Albox meets your needs with a wide range of furniture such as kitchen, bathroom, (Aldoor) door and living rooms and embraces our homes with timeless design.

Albox is one of the leaders of this change, proving how a product and its style affect many social and cultural aspects of our daily life, from classic kitchens to modular kitchens to all-wooden home furniture.

Why should you choose us?

We design according to your needs and produce specially.

Our furniture consultants listen to your needs to suggest effective solutions for non-standard sizes and non-square corners.

Thanks to a wide range of products and various materials and coatings, we can create the space you want while meeting your budget.

In our stores you will find not only usability and courtesy, but above all professionalism. Expert consultants are ready to support you and guide you in selecting, designing and purchasing furniture.

In the selection of modules and in your special projects, you will be guided in the correct personalization of the products according to the size of the rooms you want to present, providing you with the best choice and avoiding unpleasant surprises.

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Get inspired for your decor and book an appointment with one of our experts.

We have experts in our stores to help you furnish a single room or add your personal and unique style to your home.

We help you create your style for the whole home.

Still don't know your own style or are you sure what you want, but want to learn more about our furniture solutions?

You can rely on complete and detailed informational materials from your home or from our stores.

Not only kitchens but also living styles and master bedrooms are complete with everything you need to create a home that fits your unique style.

With us, you can harmoniously furnish the whole house, recalling materials and surfaces from one room to another.

Find innovative materials and wanted solutions

Colors and finishes are important details that make the difference and make your furniture unique.

This is very important for Albox: Continuous investments in Research and Development allow you to choose from a wide variety of offers, always in line with the latest trends and technologies.

We invite you to go to the nearest point of sale and explore our range of finishes and materials to customize the rooms of your home: from the technical surfaces of the kitchen to the fabrics of the living room and bedrooms.

Find the nearest AlboxHOME store

You have a professional service before, during and after the purchase.

Pre- and post-sales assistance starting from the site and reaching the point of sale and extending personally to the company

The convenience of making an appointment with a furniture consultant directly with just a click from the website is just one of many services created for you.

All our stores use advanced graphic design software for personalized photo-realistic simulations to bring your home project to life.

You will always have clarity on prices and the predictions are custom made.

Transport is guaranteed and precise assembly operations are entrusted to expert staff.