We spent time in the kitchen during the pandemic With the pandemic, the kitchen was the place where we spent the most time in the house. During this period, we did the most house renovations and their kitchens became more usable than before. Especially during this period, nanotechnology, which does not contain germs, turned into a bench work desk, kitchens began to come to the fore. Around 600,000 houses are built in Turkey every year. This means that 1 million kitchens and bathrooms are produced and imported by renovating existing bathrooms and kitchens, apart from the newly built buildings. The market is growing 10 percent every year. With the pandemic, renovation of kitchens accelerated as we began to spend more time in kitchens. Albox, which makes a big noise with the solutions it creates in the kitchen and makes life easier with every product it develops, has developed a portable table that comes out of the kitchen counter to gain space in the houses. When you have a job, simply remove the table easily from under the counter. You can put your notebook, computer on the table and work comfortably. You can even prepare and eat on the kitchen counter without spoiling your desk." With the first case appearing in Turkey in March 2020, we, like other brands, entered the wait-and-see process. However, with April, we faced a demand that exceeded our expectations. The demands we received were mostly on decoration, house renovation. We have seen that people wanted to renew the quality of their comfort zones during their time at home and to create new living spaces in their homes," Albox Chairman Olgun Sağlam said. For example, if you're going Men like to work in large kitchens, and at the same time everything should be at their fingertips. We are about to launch a very special product where they can cook while watching their videos on digital screen covers. In the second half of the year you will be able to see this very special product in our store. At the same time, with the relocation of offices to homes, we have included brand new models in our product range, from work desks under the kitchen counter to antibacterial kitchens that do not contain germs thanks to nano technology." Albox plans to open 6 stores on the axis of Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Bodrum, Bursa, Antalya, Samsun, Konya, Sanliurfa with its franchise system by the end of the year.