Emphasizing the importance of converting exports to high added value as well as being able to export hidden in nationality, Albox Chairman Olgun Sağlam said, "If we can brand production and exports worldwide with our values specific to the Turkish nation in the spirit of national mobilization, our gains in foreign trade will be doubled." The furniture sector, which has improved its performance more this year than in 2020, has boosted its exports to more than 2019, highlighting innovation, R&D, design and branding in order to meet the year-end forecast of $4.5 billion. The furniture-heavy paper and forest products sector increased its monthly exports by more than 70 percent in April, reaching a level of $600 million. Last year, that figure stood at $300 million. The furniture industry alone closed the first quarter of the year with more than $1 billion in exports. The sector, which expects higher exports in the second quarter, also reached a significant level of sales thanks to VAT reductions domestically. Due to the rise in freight prices during the epidemic period, Europe left the Far East and headed to Turkey. The trade agreement with the UK and the trade center established in the UNITED States also boosted exports to furniture. Azerbaijan predicts that exports to the Caucasus will increase. Working with the goal of exporting 10 billion dollars of furniture in 2023, the sector is struggling to become the 5th supplier country in the world. Turkey is currently the 8th largest exporter country in the world. Stating that the stay of individuals at home in the pandemic requires differentiation in the sector, industry representatives say that they focus on furniture arrangements that combine home and offices, that the sector is especially concentrated in the kitchen and bathroom area, and that the sector, which confronts its customers with innovative products, has put even more growth in the kitchen and bathroom area, which is up to 1 billion dollars in size. Foreign weight is decreasing Albox Chairman Olgun Sağlam evaluated the sector to Analiz. Albox Chairman Olgun Sağlam stated that they continued their way with a good performance at the end of the first quarter of 2020, which was accepted at the end of the previous year, and that the movement in the domestic market was reflected in exports. In terms of bathroom and kitchen sector, we can say that recent years have been aggressive. The sector performs important work in summer regions by providing architectural decoration services in the domestic market and develops innovative products and services." Sağlam says that Turkey has reached a volume of $1 billion in modular kitchen and bathroom area in a very short time, until recently, production under stairs has decreased and businesses are making efforts towards branding. Pointing out that informal production is decreasing as businesses turn to branding, Sağlam states that the foreign brand weight in the sector has decreased thanks to the quality and service network formed, the customer is turning to domestic brands and emphasizes that Turkish goods increase their competitiveness day by day, especially in exports. We can be big suppliers Especially the chairman of albox, Who stated that the epidemic came across as an opportunity to announce Turkish furniture to the world, Olgun Sağlam, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Albox, said: "We need to work in coordination. Without material suppliers, our industry cannot grow. We're flesh and blood with each other. In order for our successes to increase here, domestic material production needs to increase. The ability of producers to respond to the domestic market first will be a positive reflection for our country's economy in terms of value-added exports. For this, domestic design, domestic product, domestic brand are required." The sector works differently to each country OLGUN Sağlam: "We do not stop, we work. Despite the pandemic in many countries, we took a fast position and developed export positions suitable for the situation. For example, if you want to use We were able to respond quickly to the sliding demand from China. We have developed products according to the pandemic. We focused on virtual fairs during a period when fairs could not be held. Thus, we increase our export unit price per kilogram. But above all, we introduce Turkish goods to the world." We have to solve problems quickly MATURE Solid: Renovation and decoration works in the domestic market exceed the expectations of the sector. Exports continue to increase in parallel. The sector is experiencing difficulties in materials supply in areas such as MDF and sponges. We have not yet encountered such a problem in the kitchen and bathroom area. No matter how quickly the problems are solved in any field, the furniture sector can make high contributions to the country in the name of exports, foreign currency input and employment." Olgun Sağlam, who stated that Turkish goods will become searchable with branding in furniture with a very high domesticity rate as materials and raw materials, notes that it is possible to become one of the major suppliers, especially in the western world. Olgun Sağlam, who evaluates the furniture sector in line with the kitchen and bathroom area, which is the working areas, points to a different point in exports and draws attention to the importance of national capacity and values in production. "If we can brand production and exports worldwide with our values specific to the Turkish nation in the spirit of national mobilization, our gains in foreign trade will be doubled," sağlam says. Albox Chairman Sağlam stated that high added value will be achieved if exports are made with products that combine turkey's traditional and modern lines within the framework of innovation, production and marketing for needs. Although a European country produces lower quality than us, it is one step ahead of the choice because of its reputation. Innovation is very important, but it is also important to increase Turkey's brand value with a national stance at every stage of exports." Olgun Sağlam says that every product and activity that will reveal the prowess of the Turkish nation without turning to imitation will create high brand value. The sector has made a difference in the product Onur Sağlam, who mentioned that the sector has made a difference in products by taking advantage of the global pandemic and making Turkish goods searchable, emphasizes the need for the sector to move towards branding more rigorously and sensitively. Sağlam, who stated that product placements for high-attractive production, national and global events, international fairs, specific or extra promotions, trips, social media, series films and documentaries that will promote products in a striking way, will increase Turkey's brand value, says that every activity that will make the world say "Our choice of Turkish goods" should be evaluated with the support of imported substitures. Underlining that the furniture sector has performed better than 2019 with its innovation and branding efforts despite the epidemic period, Sağlam said, "As a matter of fact, the sector took the opportunity to pandemic. Our furniture industry has focused on innovation products that combine offices and homes. Kitchen - made a difference in bathroom furniture as a product and service. Thus, turkish furniture industry products became attractive. However, this momentum needs to be increased to a higher level." How do we go global? Olgun sağlam stated that the sector should aim to expand to the world by combining the traditional line with the modern line for high value-added exports and that it is essential that it does not implement new brands. Our export leg is getting stronger every day. The Turkish furniture sector, which exists at important points in the European market, produces projects for the US market. In fact, many companies have been shopped here. Albox and I are on the same path. The more we increase the perception of Turkish brand products, the higher the added value of our exports. Exports require acting in the spirit of national mobilization in all areas. This will open the door to the global world." Underlining that the way of high added value is definitely through branding, Olgun Sağlam says that it is essential to develop quality, functional, innovative products in order to brand, besides, e-commerce should be highly considered in marketing in the first place. "At some point, the consumer is just looking at your brand, that is, your name, and making the purchase accordingly." Export unit price should rise Still furniture sector exports are approaching 4 dollars per kilogram, but should not be stayed here, Albox Chairman Olgun Sağlam says, "If we cannot brand, we will count in our place" Stating that they are a brand that constantly invests in design and interior designer team, Olgun Sağlam said, "We renew our product range according to the constantly developing and changing environments. For example, if you want to use You can even use the counter, which you can download and remove according to your height, as a stylish display case in your living room. Again, the unexplthioned glass that we use in some of our models attracts great attention. From kitchens that don't burn up to 300 degrees to countertops that don't take up space, we're in the technological part of the business a little bit more. Our design power is good, yes, but we are much better in the functionality part." Olgun Sağlam explained that they acted with the line caught by the Turkish furniture industry and never compromised on innovative products. They want everything at their fingertips. We have developed a product based on this situation. We are about to launch a very special product on the market where they can cook their meals while watching their videos on digital screen covers. In the second half of the year, you will be able to see this very special product in our store. At the same time, with the move of offices to homes, we have included brand new models in our product range, from work tables coming out from under the kitchen counter to antibacterial kitchens that do not contain germs thanks to nano technology," he says. Stating that they focus on exports, Olgun Sağlam said, “We want to be able to wave the Turkish flag abroad at all times. We are trying to display a growth performance abroad in parallel with the domestic growth. We don't want to waste time to grow abroad.” Reminding that the export adventures of their companies, which started with the Russian Sochi Winter Olympics in 2015, continue with France, England, Nigeria, USA, Romania, Kazakhstan and TRNC, Olgun Sağlam said, “From the hotel to the consulate general office, to home design. We take part in important and niche projects. Exports make up 35 percent of our turnover. Of course, we want to increase this to 40 percent in the first place and to 60 percent gradually. We aim to expand our export market to 10 countries (our main target markets here are Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Canada) in 2 years." Expressing that they want to grow under the name Albox without making partnerships abroad, Olgun Sağlam says it will be very easy for them to grow in terms of name and infrastructure. Stating that they have determined their export route as the European market, because they offer better quality and affordable goods and services than they do, Olgun Sağlam said, "We, as a company, have caught 30 dollars while the average export unit price in the furniture sector has not yet reached 4 dollars. We will take this even higher. We know the ways to grow in Europe. Especially in this market, we will open franchises through franchises. We have a goal of accelerating our exports through merchandising. Despite our strong rivals abroad, we destroy the perception towards Turkish products and move forward in line with our goals." Stating that they are in the content of preparing to open new stores in the country and abroad through franchises, Albox Chairman Olgun Sağlam, Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Bodrum, Bursa, Antalya, He states that they aim to open Albox at 6 locations by making our choice among the ongoing negotiations with authorized dealers in Samsun, Konya and Şanlıurfa provinces, and that they will create new points at 3 locations abroad.