Raise Your Standard of Living with Albox

For those who want to see simple yet assertive designs in their kitchens, you will get maximum efficiency from your kitchen with Albox's brand new model high.

Albox High, which appeals to those who want to run their business while preparing meals to transform their kitchen into a place of pleasure, also reveals its difference with its design. Setting high-level standards, Albox High asserts its claim with its minimal touches as well as its design. Albox High, where colors such as red, anthracite, blue and white are blended with a matte look that will create a striking effect in the kitchen.

It offers a living space where you can spend time with pleasure every hour of the day. To closely examine Albox High, where quality materials are interpreted with functional design, you can visit Albox's Göztepe store or check out the @alboxkitchen instagram page.

How is 2021 going for your company?

2021 has been a year in which we have increased our Turkish record by far.

We continue to feel the effects of the pandemic in every aspect of life. How does this process as a company

do you manage? Could you tell us about the positive and negative effects of the pandemic on our industry?

The pandemic has had a positive impact on our industry. Renovation projects, especially in houses, have increased and continue to increase. We were quickly organized and enabled us to work from home. All kinds of logistics

We overcame the obstacle and delivered our products to all our customers on time. We quickly increased our stocks. Our market share is increasing very fast with Hafele Concept. By completing the colors of our products, we have made it possible to find all the products in the color you want at home. Color has come to the house.

Can you evaluate the current situation of the furniture and construction industry? What are your expectations and thoughts about the future of the sector?

The furniture industry is now changing and transforming very quickly. Functionality, aesthetic features, quality and durability in furniture have become very important compared to the past. We undertake the responsibility of setting the standards in the sector in this regard. We define a more functional kitchen or a more functional wardrobe.

Can you tell us about the innovations and projects you plan to realize in the coming period?

8 new Hafele Concepts are coming. Our built-in products are coming. 2 new

We add the color to our products.

What is the place and position of Hafele in the domestic market?

Your year-end growth target?

We're getting a lot of dealership applications. Our dealer channel is growing very fast. With our Istanbul central stocks, we make a difference in delivery capability and provide dealers with very limited stocks and huge sales opportunities. Since we don't have a traditional dealer approach, we call them Distributor Partners and save time while increasing their sales.

Thank you for the information you provided.