ALBOX FOCUSES ON EXPORT Albox focused on exports The brand journey of space design company Albox, which started in Trabzon, now extends to the USA. Stating that they have expanded their product range with the pandemic period, Albox Chairman Olgun Sağlam states that they will increase their market share abroad. He also gave information about export routes that will grow through dealerships, saying: "We definitely want to grow mainly in the European market. Because we offer much better quality products than European companies at more affordable prices and faster. Especially in this market, we will open dealerships through franchises. We have a goal of accelerating our exports through merchandising. We break down the bad perception against Turkish products and move in line with our goals. Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir. Bodrum, Bursa. Antalya, Samsun. We aim to open ALBOX at 6 points by making our choice among the authorized sales negotiations in Konya, Sanliurfa provinces. Abroad, 3 new points will be included." Albox Chairman Olgun Sağlam announced that they continue as France, Uk, Nigeria, USA, Romania, Kazakhstan, Cyprus. "Exports account for 35 percent of our turnover," he said. We aim to increase our export market to 10 countries (our main target markets here are Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland and Canada) over a 2-year period. We export $30 per kilogram." Olgun Sağlam, who mentioned the export potentials extending to the USA and stated that they have expanded their product range with the pandemic, stated that they will increase their market share abroad. CONSTRUCTION SECTOR DOWNSIZES The developments in the robust sector were summarized as follows: "By 2018, the project market was 70 percent and the renovation market was 30 percent. With gears downsizing in the construction industry, we can say that it has now reached 40 percent, 6o percent. The total number of companies in modular kitchen and bathroom is around 130. 6% of these companies consist of domestic producer brands and another 40 percent are imported brands. 70% of imported brands are Italian and 30 percent are German. Turkey's modular kitchen and bathroom sector size is 1 billion dollars."