Albox, which brings an innovative perspective to kitchens, plans to open 6 Albox stores in Turkey and 3 albox stores in the USA and UK during the year as it prepares to implement new factory investments of TL 15 million in 2 years. 600,000 houses are being built in Turkey. This means that 1 million kitchens and bathrooms are produced and imported by renovating existing bathrooms and kitchens, apart from the newly built buildings. The market is growing 10 percent every year. The adventure of Albox, one of the important players in the kitchen and bathroom sector, begins in Trabzon in 1976 with a saw and a cut. Today, in Albox, where the 3rd generation takes the flag, it produces 8,000 doors, 4,000 kitchen and bathroom cabinets annually. While exports to France, Britain, Nigeria, USA, Romania, Kazakhstan, Cyprus came to the fore, Albox Chairman Olgun Sağlam pointed out that exports accounted for 35 percent of their turnover of TL 50 million and said, "Of course, we want to increase this to 60 percent gradually in the first place. We aim to increase our export market to 10 countries including Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland and Canada within a 2-year period. We export $30 per kilogram."