Albox Kitchen Chairman Olgun Sağlam says that the pandemic period reflects positively on sales. "We suddenly observed a significant increase in our sales during the pandemic period. In fact, we couldn't keep up. During the stay at home, people went to renovate their kitchens, we started to receive requests from the periphery areas of Istanbul as well as summer areas such as Bozcaada, Fethiye and Bodrum. This process is still ongoing. People are not only renovating my kitchens, they are renovating their homes. We can observe this activity more easily in summer areas. When it came to installments, the decrease in installment numbers did not have a negative effect on us. Our sales are continuing at the same pace. We don't even receive extra installment requests from our customers. We think the number 9 is reasonable for furniture purchases. No one chooses the shopping route in long installments anymore. While the number of installments was 12, the number of customers who wanted 12 installments was almost nonexistent."