Albox Chairman Olgun Sağlam stated that they add added value to projects with quality jobs. "Our main goal is to reach more happy customers in the domestic market. We are continuing our efforts to increase our number of dealers in order to bring albox quality and special products together." LIVING SPACES: Can you briefly introduce ALBOX Albox Kitchen to our readers? The story of our brand, which was founded under the leadership of my grandfather Ali Sağlam, begins in Trabzon. We are a family from Trabzon. My grandfather was a carpenter back home. Then my father Osman Sağlam started to practice the profession in 1976 with a saw and a cut from his father Ali Sağlam. The journey started in Izmit and continues in Istanbul in 1987. At a time when constructions are accelerating in Kadikoy, we first do the chopping works of constructions in an area of 250 square meters. I started working for my father when I was 14. In 1991, we doubled our 250 square meter workshop. At a time when the housing sector was starting to accelerate, we started to do projection work. From the doors of a house to the kitchen, from the bathroom to the wood cladding in the hall, we were able to do everything from A to Z. In fact, let me tell you, at a time when computers were just starting to enter business, we were drawing projects on Excel when there were no drawing programs. In 2006, our institutionalization efforts started with our growing structure. First we found the name of albox, our brand that adds life to the places for our brand. When determining the name of our brand, the points we were inspired by were as follows: "Al" describes the energy, vitality, life of red, and "Box" refers to places. In a sense, "living spaces" became our motto. In this process, we presented designs with our own brand while also being the Distributor of Germany's largest kitchen manufacturer in Turkey. Distributorship has added a lot to us in terms of design. Then we opened our first store in 2012. In 2015, we made our first exports. We still have our workshop where we laid the foundations of our brand. Apart from fabricated production, we carry out craft-high designs that need to be done manually there. We have another factory where we produce fabrication. He's in Atasehir. We also have a store. We are also the only representative of the German-based company, which is an unbreakable and non-exploding glass manufacturer, in Turkey.