With the pandemic, many companies have switched to remote working. Considering that the houses are getting smaller with the city life and urban transformation, the relocation of the offices to the houses also showed how difficult it is to open a workspace in the houses. Some bought a desk in a corner of their home, while others made their dining table into a desk. This being the case, the houses lost their functionality, and we found ourselves in a mess of things in tiny spaces. Albox, which has made a big impact with the solutions it has created in the kitchen and makes life easier with every product it develops, has developed a portable table that comes out of the kitchen counter to save space in homes. When you have work to do, it is enough to easily remove the table from under the counter. It is possible to put a notebook and computer on the table and work comfortably. In fact, food can be prepared and eaten on the kitchen counter without disturbing the work table. You will be able to both cook and eat, and be at work and keep track of your work. When you're done, the table is easily hidden under the counter. Thus, space is saved and small kitchens become more useful.